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[Remember our HAPPY SUN logo, you will see it in several more places in the near future :]
After our one year super rehab on 827 N. 4th Ave. in Tucson, what did we do this summer? We took a vacation to travel to select the best place to live The Good Life, and I am not speaking of retiring. On the contrary, on the way, I participated hands-on in a well-known, fantastic Straw Bale  construction workshop (special site coming), in Washington state.
Then, on our exploration journey to find the most pleasing location for our next Happy Homes, we traveled all the way from the Mexican to the Canadian border, roaming the most western states. 
After spending time in Oregon and Washington state we returned to Northern California and settled down in the Sonoma Valley, which runs parallel to the more known Napa Valley. Hands down, no question, this is the most beautiful place I have ever lived in, including the wine areas in Germany and Austria, Lake Como, the beautiful South of France, Toscany and the enchanting Italian Riveria.
So we moved from the "Valley of the Sun" (Phoenix/Scottsdale) to the "Valley of the Moon" as Jack London coined his favorite place, Sonoma Valley - and found all the elements of the above listed areas with an added bonus of not only an exceptional climate, but also very friendly, outgoing, social people who know how to enjoy life.
And guess what, after enjoying ourselves thoroughly...we decided to move back to Arizona because it has become such a hopping place for business, culture, every day life and recreation, which brings along social diversification. In other words: Arizona is the place to be, look at the above 36 reasons why Arizona:)
Consider us as your friend and business contact for all your Arizona and California business, real estate and vacation questions
After almost thirty years of international business and finance consulting experience, we have collected precious resources that can save you a lot of time and frustration in search and research.
So often we are asked if such a business or travel companion service (for a better word) existed. Now it does, be it opening business doors here or simply to be at your side when you need it, we,  Petra Luh & Associates, will take care of you:)
We pick up our clients at the airport and bring them to their hotel, or we can recommend and arrange the perfect accommodations that they might not find on their own. 
Please let us know your language preference.
Thank you for checking in here, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us with any question or comments you may have. 
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