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Petra Luh is a "Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur", which is similar to a Business Engineer from the University Fridericiana in Germany, the number one place in Europe for such a double degree (valued as being between Master and PhD).

This degree was created for filling the position of a CEO that needs to be educated in all areas to be able to make the right decisions for all situations. It covers every aspect of economy, business, REFA (time management), critical path methods, financing, accounting, computer science (including programming in two languages) and all types of engineering (mechanical, structural, civil, electric, chemical, etc., 2/3 in depth of towards Master degree status in each). Specialized in international marketing and sales psychology.

Petra speaks English, German and French (and studied Latin for many years:)

Past consulting offices were in Passau, Germany, Chicago, IL, Phoenix, Scottsdale (first Internet consulting firm in 1990), and free-lanced in Sedona, Tucson and more.
Involved in real estate rehabbing, redesigning, bidding out subcontractors, supervising, marketing and consulting in financing the the transaction, often on an international level. her many years as mortgage broker and banker, including loan processing, came in handy.

Last spring and summer, Petra Luh returned to her home stomping grounds in Germany for three months speaking in front of German Chamber of Trades (each state has only one), Chambers of Commerce and local real estate offices. Her connections in international financing will be renewed. As it turned out, plans changed in favor of vacationing in the South of France and working in Sussex, England, while networking with potential clients for developing new business branches in the States.

Please contact Petra Luh via email at petraluh@gmail.com for questions, needs or suggestions. 

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