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Everybody should take advantage of the awesome rebates that APS and SRP (Arizona's power companies) are currently offering by ordering an Energy Audit to explore the status of the (utility) efficiency of your windows, Heating and Cooling systems, air ducts (leaks), air distribution, appliance efficiency, gas appliance safety (drafts, etc.) and especially the big one, pool pumps, and what the lack of efficiency is costing you, besides lack of your comfort.

I found a terrific representative to do those in Kevin Jackson from AZ New Images (AZ Energy All Stars), who is contracted by APS and SRP. Kevin and his engineering firm is very knowledgeable and delivers accurate, reliable results in an easy to understand report form.

APS and SRP pay $200 for your report so that you only have to participate in the amount of $99.00 to have access to those rebates.

Call Kevin at 602-315-9940 to schedule your appointment today (short waiting list).

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